Two Blue-Eyed Boys

Josh and Jake

Josh and Jake

Two blue-eyed boys

God’s gift to me

Would steal my heart

For eternity


The oldest is

The serious one

Straight and steady

He gets it done


Finished college

In four years flat

Then married his girl

Just like that


Got a new job

Moved far away

He makes me proud



The youngest was

The strong-willed one

With a giving heart

He gets it done


He’s a deep thinker

Likes to debate

Loves all animals

So compassionate


He doesn’t have

It all planned out

But everyday

He makes me proud


Yes, my two sons

God’s gift to me

They stole my heart

For eternity.

Josh and Jake at Taste of Texas 8-12-14Josh and Jenna 

Connie Morgenroth

December 21, 2014