Timmy and the Stranger

Chapter 4
“Timmy, are you dressed?” Momma yelled from the kitchen? “Your breakfast is ready, and I have your lunch all packed. We need to hurry so we’re not late for your first day of school”.

“I’m dressed”, Timmy muttered as he came from his room. He was wearing a new royal blue and white striped shirt, blue jean shorts and socks that didn’t match. His blonde hair was sticking up in the front, still uncombed. “But I’m not feeling too good. I think I need to stay home with you and Sarah today”.

“You’re just nervous about your first day of school”, Momma said grinning as she bent down looking at him. She gazed into his big blue eyes and softly said “You are such a big boy; I can’t believe you’re starting school. Everything will be alright honey. You’re going to have a lot of fun today! Eat your oatmeal and I’ll go find you another white sock.”

Timmy ate a few bites of his oatmeal, but then gave the rest to Sarah who gobbled it up. Momma found his sock, combed his hair and helped him tie his shoes. Fifteen minutes later, they were finally on their way.

Timmy gazed out his window as Momma drove down the street toward the school, his new red backpack sitting on his lap. As they approached the corner, he saw the same tall man that he met a few months earlier when his ball rolled into the street.

“Hey, Momma, I know that man”, Timmy said, pointing at the tall man with the black rimmed glasses.

“How do you know him?” Momma asked with a worried expression on her face.

“He was gonna get my red ball for me outta the street, but then it got runned over by a big truck”, Timmy said frowning, remembering the big garbage truck. “Do you know him Momma?” Timmy asked her.

“No, I don’t. Timmy, you should not talk to strangers. You know I’ve told you that you should always run home if someone approaches you”, Momma reminded him, realizing this was a teachable moment.

“I know, but he was gonna get my ball and you told me not to go in the street, and I didn’t know what to do”, he said, feeling a bit confused.

“Well, next time, come home and I will get your ball for you”, Momma told him. “You really need to stay in our yard when you’re playing outside”.

“Ok, Momma, I will”.

The school parking lot was already full by the time Momma, Timmy, and Sarah arrived. Momma had to park along the road with several other cars, and then walk about a quarter-mile to the school holding Sarah, with Timmy in tow. She wanted to be early, but instead they were one of the last ones to arrive. Next year, I will be early, she thought to herself.

She walked Timmy to his class hoping he wouldn’t cry, but feeling a bit apprehensive. He had met his teacher, Mrs. Cunningham, a week earlier at open house. He also met some of his classmates, and was excited when he found out that Billy, a boy who lived a few houses down from them, was in his class.

Momma needn’t have worried. By the time she left, he was busy coloring a picture of an apple with the letter A above it. He was smiling and didn’t even notice when she and Sarah walked out.

to be continued