My Favorite Things

I love it when I stumble across something really great, whether it’s an awesome bottle of wine, or a product that works better than expected, or just makes me feel good!  I’d like to share some of them with you and will put them in the My Favorite Things category.  Let me know if you try any of them and what you think.  And feel free to share some of your favorite things with me!

2-4-14: A friend of mine started selling Arbonne a couple of years ago. I’ve started using some of their products and must say that I really like them. I especially love their lotions and scrubs. I use the scrubs once a week to keep my skin soft.

1-8-14: After Christmas, I went shopping and found the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever had. They’re dark grey (not that color matters for comfort), long boots that come up to the back of my calves, and are the Born brand. They have a very low heel and have zippers on the sides. I bought them at Dillard’s and just love them. The first day that I wore them it felt as though I’d had them for years…..ahhh….my feet love them too! I bought them on sale for around $108 plus tax; a real steal in my opinion!

12-18-13: One of my favorite red wines right now is Highway 12 ($14.99).  I love Merlot and Cabs, so I was surprised to find that I love this wine because it’s a blend.  It’s a California wine; made in Sonoma County.  I’m drinking a 2011 bottle, which is even more surprising considering it wasn’t a stellar year for Napa.  If you love reds, 2009 and 2010 were awesome for California wines.



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