T’was the Day Before New Year’s….again…

I wrote this last year…but I’ll be doggoned if it’s not true again this year!  I guess I will never learn!

This is for all of us who indulged a little more than we should have over the past few weeks……

However, here is my disclaimer….this is just a poem – I am not vowing anything publicly!!! I probably should be….but I don’t need the pressure!


T’was the day before New Year’s

And running all through my mind

Were all the days that I’d eaten

Everything I could find


My clothes were much tighter

And didn’t quite fit

And I examined the bulges

That were new to my hips


So I waddled to the scale

In hopes of good news

Surely I could not

Have that much to lose


But much to my surprise

And to my dismay

I stood there dumbfounded

At what I did weigh


My jaw dropped wide open

This cannot be right

The scale must be broken

I said with a fright


So I went to the kitchen

To whip some eggs

And ponder the cellulite

All over my legs


When suddenly it hit me

I knew just what to do

I would resolve on this New Year’s

Twenty pounds I would lose


Come Atkins, come Weight Watchers

Come NutriSystem too

Surely one of you can help me

Figure out what to do


So that by Spring Break

I will look really cute

In a new pair of jeans

And a new bathing suit


Then I raised up a toast

To me, looking lean

And to all of my friends

Happy 2015!


Written by: Connie Morgenroth

December 31, 2013 and 2014!