Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
Why, you ask?
Well, let’s see. I do love the food. And I enjoy cooking. But it’s more than that.
It’s how it makes me feel.
I love making others happy with a good meal. I love the smells in the house, of homemade bread, apple pie, turkey and dressing. I love it when I’m told (every year) that this year was the best meal I ever made.
I love spending the day before with my mom. She comes over to help me make the dressing and the pies and we have a lot of fun cooking together.
I love it when my nephews, Matthew and Zachary, tell me they can’t wait to come over and eat Thanksgiving at my house…..or when their mom tells me that they love my cooking.
I love it when my sister, Cheryl, walks in, about 5 minutes before we’re supposed to eat, all beautiful and put together in a new outfit. And me, in my apron, sweaty with my hair wilted from the oven, a hot mess. (Twenty years ago, it was my mom who was all sweaty, and I was the guilty party, arriving five minutes before it was time to eat!)
I love when my Cousin Tanya’s boys arrive. Blake is seven and Adam and Brandon (twins) are five. They get so excited to see Aunt Connie! They want me to pick them up immediately and hold them. Of course I do for a second. Then I have to get back to the turkey and the gravy.
I love that my brother-in-law Shannon says the blessing before we eat while we all hold hands in a big circle.
I love the fact that it takes ten minutes to eat a meal I spent three days preparing.
I love the time spent after the big meal, when we all hang out together. The kitchen a big mess, the four cousins throwing the football in the front yard while the ladies open a bottle of wine and sit and visit, and the husbands “watch football” for about five minutes… then they’re all snoring.
I love it that my mom can’t sit for very long before she has to start cleaning up. And my Aunt Cathy is always right behind her. My sister and I, and Tanya, want to sit and relax a little longer. “Don’t worry about it”, we say. “We’ll clean it up later”, but they can’t wait. We resist the urge to help until we finally have to jump in.
I love that Shannon, and Tanya’s husband, Wayne, love my Southern Pecan Pie with bourbon (thank you Robin Stanley). I love that my husband loves it too, so much, that I have to make two of them, one for him, and one for everyone else.
I love it when my boys tell me they’re glad that I host it every year because they love my cooking.
I love that this year will be our first Thanksgiving with our new daughter-in-law, Jenna.
I love the tradition. The same recipes, year after year, especially my mom’s dressing, which has taken me years to conquer.
Yes, I do love Thanksgiving. And I wouldn’t trade these memories and times spent together for anything.