The Wise Man

Thinking about my dad today. I am blessed to have had him as a father. My dad was smart, adventurous, generous and fun! Life was never boring with him! I know my mom misses him a lot and my heart aches for her. Thanks be to Jesus for His sacrifice; I know that we will see my Dad again!

Sweet Tea and Poetry

DadThe Wise Man
Dedicated to my Daddy

When I was a little girl,
I sat upon your knee,
And gazed upon your face and thought,
There’s no wiser man than he.

And as I grew, you grew as well
In wealth, and pride, and girth,
And I still looked at you and saw
The wisest man on earth.

But then one day, something changed,
I saw you differently,
No longer as the wisest man
But in reality.

You always thought you knew it all
No one would argue that,
To disagree with you took guts
That not many people had.

So when my faith in Jesus Christ
Grew in maturity,
And we would argue about who He was
You were not so wise to me.

But God was working every day
And He brought you to a place,
Where only He could fill you,
And you received His grace.


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