Do You Know Jesus?

I believe we are living
In the last days
My spirit cries out
Examine your ways

Do you know Jesus?
Is he your Lord?
He’s the way to the Father
And cannot be ignored

If these words take your peace
Or leave you trembling with fear
Then pray with me now
Your salvation is near

Say “Lord I admit
I have sinned against thee
I am asking you now
To please forgive me

I believe that you died
On the cross for my sins
And look forward to Heaven
Where you’ll reign without end

I would like you to lead me
And guide me each day
Be the Lord of my life
And show me the way”

If you just said that prayer
Then friend, you are saved
Your roadway to Heaven
Has now been paved

In the Lamb’s book of life
Your name has been written
You can rest easy now
Your sins are forgiven.

Written by: Connie Morgenroth
April 30, 2014


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