Timmy and the Stranger

Chapter 5

It was Monday, the second week of school, when Mrs. Cunningham’s class visited the library for the first time.

“Now, boys and girls, I want you all to listen up very carefully,” she began. “Today is a special day. Not only do you get to visit the library and check out a book to take home with you, but you also get to have Story Time. And we have a very special person who is going to read to you today.”

Mrs. Cunningham was in her late fifties. She had taught Kindergarten for over thirty years and new how to speak to her class to get their attention. She never had to raise her voice, but spoke softly in such a way that the children hung on her every word.

“Mr. Godfrey had a little boy about your age,” she continued. “His name was George and he loved to play outside. Do you know what his favorite sport was? It was baseball, and he loved to play catch. Sadly, George got really sick and passed away a few months ago. Mr. Godfrey has been very sad. But he wanted to come and read to you today. It will help cheer him up. And he’s going to read you a special book that was George’s favorite. Does anyone want to guess what the book is about?” she asked them. “That’s right…..you guessed it, baseball!”

As the class lined up to walk to the library, Timmy thought about Mr. Godfrey. He turned to Billy, who was standing in line behind him, and said “Hey Billy, do you like baseball?”

“Nah,” said Billy, who was about a foot taller and much heavier than Timmy, “I like football. I’m gonna be a linebacker”.

“What’s a linebacker?” Timmy asked.

“He tackles the other guys and makes ‘em fall down. Then his guy scores a touchdown” Billy explained by pretending to tackle someone and throw them on the ground.

“Well I like baseball,” Timmy said. “I can hit the ball off a tee and run real fast. But I can’t hit it if my dad throws it at me. I have a glove and everything”.

The line began moving and Timmy and Billy followed the rest of the students down the hall to the library. When they got there, the librarian showed them their section of books and told them to pick out one or two to take home with them for the week. She explained that they would have to return them the next time they came.

When they were finished checking out their books, they all sat on a large rectangular carpet that had pictures of animals on it. Timmy sat on a giraffe, and Billy sat next to him on a gorilla.

Mrs.Cunningham introduced their special visitor for Story Time.

“Okay class, can you all say hello to Mr. Godfrey?”

to be continued…