Timmy and the Stranger

Chapter 3

Little Tikes Elementary was only about a ten minute drive from Timmy’s house. It was an older school, but had been recently renovated giving it a new look. The exterior was re-bricked in a deep red, and had new landscaping and a new fence. Momma pulled in to a visitor’s parking spot right in front.

“Okay, we’re here”, she said with a smile as she turned around to look at Timmy and Sarah sitting in the back.

“What is this place?” Timmy asked.

“This is your new school”, Momma said. “You’re old enough to start school in a few months. You’ll be in Kindergarten! We are here today to get you registered for school”.

“But what if I don’t want to go to school?” Timmy asked. “You need me at home to help you with Sarah. Who’s gonna watch her for you? No, that’s okay, Momma. I don’t need to go to school”.

“Let’s just go in and take a look around, Timmy”. “It will be fun”, Momma said, still smiling.

“Well, alright”, Timmy said reluctantly. “But I’m not going to Kennergarden”.

Momma ignored his last remark and got Sarah out of the car. Timmy waited until she was finished to finally get out too. She could tell he was apprehensive, but knew that he would be excited when he saw all of the children having a good time inside.

As they made their way to the office, they passed the library. It had large glass windows, and they could see several children sitting on a big blue rug, in a circle. An older woman, with gray hair and glasses, was reading to them. They all began to laugh as she made a funny face and gestured wildly with her hands. Timmy stopped to look for a moment.

“What are they doing, Momma?”

“That’s the library, Timmy. They go there to read books, and sometimes they have a volunteer come and read to their class. I want to volunteer to read to your class if Grandma can watch Sarah for me”.

“Wow, that would be fun, Momma,” Timmy said excitedly.

Momma smiled again and said ‘thank you Lord’ under her breath. By the time they reached the office, Timmy had a new attitude. “I’m five”, he told the lady behind the counter. “And I’m coming here for Kinnergarden next year!”

to be continued…


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