My Friend Darcy

Bayou Vista 1st Grade

Darcy Young was my best friend in first grade; however, we knew each other for only a short time. She moved away before the school year was over.

The year was 1971. We lived in Bayou Vista, Louisiana; a suburb of Morgan City. It’s a small town in southern Louisiana, close to the coast, and about a two hour drive from New Orleans. My dad moved us there when I was a baby.

Darcy was a tiny thing, with long, blonde hair, and friendly eyes. What I remember most about her was how much she did not want to go to school. Every morning, as she was dropped off, she would hold on to her mother or sister (Debbie was in the third grade) until the teacher had to pry them away. Then she would cry and withdraw, and I would try to comfort her. I seem to recall her clutching something, possibly a blanket, for comfort.

After first period, she would usually brighten up and by lunch we would hold hands and share secrets like little girls do. During recess, we would run around on the playground trying to stay as far away from the boys as we could. But the boys liked Darcy. How could they not…she was adorable.

I do not know what became of her. I have tried to “search” for her but don’t have a lot to go on. And my memories are fuzzy. I don’t remember much more than what I have written here.

I pulled out my little yearbook from that time. It’s not an actual book; more of a booklet with a plastic binding comb. I guess it was common to put checkmarks on your friends pictures back then, because several of my classmates have checkmarks. My favorites have more than one checkmark: Darcy, Michael Strange and Ryan Geoffroy (who also has “love” scrawled next to his picture). I don’t remember Ryan that well; but I do think he tried to kiss me on the playground. I remember Michael better. He asked me to marry him and I’m pretty sure I said yes.

All the other boys have X’s, lightly drawn, across their pictures. I assume they were less than favored in my six year old eyes.

I went on to second grade in Bayou Vista; until my dad moved us to Tampa, Florida sometime in early 1973. But I still have several cousins and an aunt that live around the Morgan City area.

If you’re out there Darcy Young….I’d love to hear from you. It’s only been 43 years since we’ve last spoken, but I’m sure we could be friends again. We have a lot of catching up to do!

Written by: Connie Crawford Morgenroth
March 13, 2014