Three Common Misunderstandings About Becoming a Christian

I’m Not Good Enough

I believe that one of the most common misunderstandings about becoming a Christian is that you have to become acceptable to God before God will love you. Many people feel that they cannot go to God until they change their ways or quit their bad habits. They believe they have to “clean themselves up” first, and then they can ask God for help and for forgiveness. That is simply not true. Scripture tells us that God loved us first, while we were still sinners. In fact, it works just the opposite way. When we come to God broken, unable to help ourselves; that is when our hearts are most receptive to him. And it’s during those times, that he most wants to reach out to us. Because it is in our weakness, that his power is displayed. When we confess our sins, he is there ready, willing and able to forgive us and restore our relationship with him. All we have to do is ask!

I Don’t Want to Change

Another misunderstanding concerns what happens after you become a Christian. Some people may resist a relationship with God because they don’t want to change their lifestyle. They believe that once they become a Christian, they can no longer have any more fun. What they don’t realize is that the change in lifestyle comes naturally; it is a byproduct. The knowledge of the truth (faith and knowledge resting on the hope of eternal life) leads to godliness. And God begins a work in them through the Holy Spirit to become more like Christ. This change doesn’t generally happen overnight. But over time, a change does take place. Because if anyone is truly a Christ follower, they are a new creation!

I Can’t Live a Perfect Life

Finally, a third often misunderstood requirement of Christianity is that I must now live a perfect life. Thank God that is not true! Actually, that goes contrary to heart of Christianity. That assumption means Christ died for nothing. The good news of the gospel is that I don’t have to earn my salvation; otherwise there is no room for grace. Praise God that our salvation is not based on our actions. Our salvation is based on our faith in Jesus as Lord. As I discussed earlier, our obedience comes from the grace of God and from our faith and is an outward expression of our love for him. We obey his teachings because we love him. And we want to do this; it is not a chore; for Christ’s love compels us.

Friends, time is short. Do you know Jesus? If not, why not get to know him today? I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.

Note to readers: I wrote this in Word and referenced all of the scriptures using footnotes; however, the formatting was lost in copying to WordPress. I am listing the scriptures here. They are listed in the order used. If I can figure out how to fix this, I will update it. Or, if any other bloggers know how to make it work, please leave me a comment. I don’t have a premium site; not sure if that makes a difference.

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Written by: Connie Morgenroth
March 2, 2014