My Life

Playing by herself, making mud pies
She is five.

Following her dad, looking for deer tracks
She is ten.

Talking to boys, staying up all night
She is fifteen.

Planning her wedding, picking out the dress
She is twenty.

Expecting her first child, decorating the nursery
She is twenty-five.

Baking birthday cakes, wrapping the presents
She is thirty.

Planning a funeral, burying her father
She is thirty-five.

Accepting a new job, launching her career
She is forty.

Packing up her things, moving to a new house
She is forty- five.

Planning a wedding, gaining a daughter-in-law
She is forty-seven.

Writing a blog, embracing her passion
She is forty-eight.

Spending more time with her husband, planning their future
She is alive.

And excited about the verses that are unwritten.