The Top 10 Things I Would Rather Have Done This Week Instead of Suffering from the Stomach Flu


Yes, I’ve had (most likely) the norovirus, the worst stomach bug known to all mankind. It’s actually not the flu at all, which refers to influenza which is a respiratory infection, but it’s called that because some of the symptoms are similar.

So, here is my Top 10 List of things I would have rather done instead of being afflicted with this virus that makes death look attractive.

10. Prepare our tax return
9. Attend four weddings and a funeral
8. Wash 900 loads of laundry
7. Report for jury duty
6. Get a root canal
5. Pack and move from one house to another
4. Clean out every closet and junk drawer in my house
3. Weed all of the flower beds by myself without my sons help
2. Review last year’s tax return with an IRS auditor
1. Get a colonoscopy – yes I’ve had one; and yes, this is worse!

On a positive note, I have lost four pounds!

Finally, this virus is highly contagious because it lives on hard surfaces such as door knobs, phones, remotes and light switches for weeks, so wash your hands often, especially before you eat. I am a chronic hand washer, but somehow still managed to succumb to this menace. I hope that those reading this don’t ever have to experience it. If you want more information, there’s a lot on the internet. Brown University has an excellent site and even tells you what foods to eat and avoid until you are well…once you can actually eat again that is!

Stay well my friends!