Jeff’s Birthday Poem

I wrote this for my husband and read it to him at his 50th birthday party.

To Jeff

How simple life was
When we first met
I remember it well
I’ll never forget

Thinking who this could be
Pumping my gas
He’s a nice looking guy
With a nice looking… (smile)

What made me first love you?
It’s not hard to recall
Those killer blue eyes
That confident smile

The way you pursued me
Your rugged good looks
Your charm and persuasion
Helped dig in the hooks

But it was how I first felt
When you were around
So comfortable and secure
When I knew that I’d found

The one I could be with
For the rest of my life
I knew then I wanted
To become your wife

It hasn’t always been easy
We’ve had some hard times
Like most couples I know
We’ve fought and we’ve cried

But we’ve managed to weather
The ups and the downs
And you’re still my best friend
That I like being around

And so on this night
My one wish for you
Is that you’ll always remember
How much I love you

Happy birthday my darling
Can we all lift a toast?
Happy Birthday to Jeff
The one I love most!

Written by: Connie Morgenroth
January 25, 2014DSC00624