My Mom, My Dear Friend

San Francisco, CA  July 2013

San Francisco, CA
July 2013

Dedicated to my mother ~ Glenda Brown Crawford ~ Happy Birthday Mom!!!
She’s one of a kind

Loyal and true

The first one I call

When I’m feeling blue


She’ll give me advice

When I ask her for some

She’s who I trust

More than anyone


With amazing strength

Wisdom and grace

No one can ever

Take her place


A beautiful lady

Inside and out

God-fearing and smart

Without a doubt


She loves to travel

And have a good time

And like me enjoys

A glass of red wine


When I write something new

She’s who I call

To read what I’ve written

And critique it for all


My praises ring true

And will never end

This one’s for you

My mom, my dear friend


Written by:  Connie Morgenroth

December 19, 2013