Two Girls, No Boys

Dad with his grandsonsI wrote this poem in March 2001, about a month after my dad died.  My mom and dad had 2 daughters (me and my older sister, Cheryl).  Cheryl and I both had 2 sons (each).  I have the oldest and the youngest; hers are sandwiched in between my two.  I was a “Daddy’s girl”, and knew he probably wished he’d had a son to take hunting and fishing, so I tried to be that ‘son’ for him, and went hunting and fishing with him when I was young.

One of my favorite memories of me and my dad is when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old.  I don’t remember exactly how old I was when this happened, my mom could probably tell me.  My dad had a fishing boat and had bought a shrimping net and wanted to go out in the bay (we lived on the Gulf Coast in Palacios, Texas) to catch shrimp.  I just love that about him.  He had never caught shrimp before, but he was not afraid to go out and try.  I went with him and he wanted to teach me how to drive the boat so that he could tend to the net.  Of course, I didn’t want to; I was scared to death.  And of course, I wound up getting the net tangled up in the motor.  I don’t remember what time of year it was, but I do remember my dad having to get into the water to untangle the net from the propeller.  I think it was spring time; because I remember him being kind of cold when he got back in the boat.  I felt terrible and didn’t want to drive the boat anymore.  But my dad insisted.  After he got back in the boat, sopping wet and shivering, and not mad at me at all, he told me “I’m not driving, you drive.  Because if you don’t, you’ll be afraid to ever do it again.  And I know you can do it”.  And I did.  Shortly after that, a thunderstorm came up, and we headed in.  I still remember that day vividly….

Two girls, no boys

“Anymore”?  she asks

He says no.

He hunts, he fishes

“Who will go? she asks

“I’ll go alone”.

Two girls, no boys

“Oh well”, he says

Let’s go fishing.

One says “yes”

She has his eyes

He shouldn’t go alone.

Two girls, no boys

“Alright”, he says

“Let’s go flying”.

She’d rather play

But she’s Daddy’s girl

“Let’s go” she says.

Two girls, no boys

But now, they’re grown

He’s on his own.

He hunts, he fishes

“Will you go?” he asks

She says no.

Two girls, no girls

Four boys at last

“Grandsons!” he says with a smile.

They hunt, they fish

“Let’s go”, he says

It was all worthwhile.

Written by:  Connie Morgenroth

March 16, 2001


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  1. So true! It amazes me you were writing all of this, and kept it secret. I emailed this to Annelle tonight, and she said you should be published. I said, she should, God willing!

    Sent from the Secret Place



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