A Fairytale Mystery


Young and in love

Full of passion and lust

Naïve to a fault

With her heart and her trust


A storybook life

Was her dream from the start

Believing the fairytale

Playing the part


Life is not enchanted

One day the girl said

As she remembered

The day that they wed


She cried out in sadness

The dream nevermore

Then quieted the baby

While scrubbing the floors


It is not at all

Like I thought it would be

She said to herself

While making some tea


Then sat down to dinner

Alone once again

Her prince charming off

In the arms of a friend


Broken and shattered

Still young and afraid

The burning flame dies

It is the price to be paid


The fairytale ends

Though the mystery remains

How can something end

That never began?


Written by: Connie Morgenroth

December 8, 2013