Why Can’t Life Be Easy?

stormy sea

I wrote this half-joking/half-serious poem a couple of years ago when I was frustrated at work.  I am totally being lighthearted, so please do not send me emails with names and phone numbers of psychiatrists!  My writing is my therapy, which is why I write a lot!

Why can’t life be easy?

Why does it drag me down?

And make my stomach queasy

And make me want to frown


I wish it could be simple

And everyone would get along

And stop their whining and complaining

When someone does them wrong


Oh, I know it will get better

A new day will be here soon

I just get so sick and tired

Of the drama and the gloom


I know Jesus is the answer

To my problems big or small

And He’ll help me if I ask Him

And He’ll catch me if I fall


Yet somehow I feel unsettled

My peace and joy are gone

I’m wandering in the desert

Where everything is wrong


So what that truly tells me

Is I’m trying all my own

To figure out the answers

When I know it can’t be done


Oh Lord, come to my rescue

And take these cares away

And fill me with your spirit

And hear me when I pray


Forgive my lack of trusting

Help me learn to count on you

For guidance and direction

Lord lead me in your truth


Or I might go crazy

From the arrows thrown at me

And run around in circles

And throw myself into the sea


Now I hope you know I’m kidding

I wrote that last verse just for fun

I’ve never been suicidal

But if I were, I’d use a gun!


LOL – it’s a joke!

Written by:  Connie Morgenroth


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