My Purpose


Sometimes life is really hard
Full of worries and regrets
And I struggle to understand
My calling and my purpose

Yet, I know God has a plan
Jeremiah tells me so
To prosper me without harm
And give me a future full of hope

But Satan and this world weigh in
And they surely drag me down
Into the pit of deep despair
Where angst and fear abound

I cry aloud to God for help
Come rescue me, I say
You promised that you’d never leave
No matter what came my way

And then I hear that still, small voice
It will be okay my child
You’re trying much too hard right now
Come and sit with me a while

I will take those cares away
So cast them all on me
And fill you with my joy and peace
Until you finally see

That nothing you are going through
Is too big or small for me
I just need you to trust
And I need you to believe

I will work out all these things
For your good and for My purpose
Stop trying to do it all yourself
Just praise my name and worship

Before too long you’ll see it too
And look back on this in awe
At how you were part of my plan
And were exactly where you belonged

Written by: Connie Morgenroth 4/9/12