What is Happening to America?


The land of the free,

The home of the brave,

What is happening to America?

I cannot explain.

Our forefathers laid

The foundation with care.

Life, liberty and happiness

For all who would dare

To work and to dream

And to give it their all.

Yet now some seem destined

To hasten her fall.

Yet, God, our creator

Was an integral part

Of our young nations

Historic start.

And we used to be proud

To say “In God we Trust”;

Now some say these words

With utter disgust.

What is happening to America?

I will try to explain,

Is caused by our apathy

And by our disdain

Of Godly principles,

That used to define,

This nation and people

As simply divine.

We cannot continue

Down this path we have laid.

No, we cannot continue,

Please listen, I pray!

For God Bless America,

The land that we love,

Will surely fall hard

Unless we look up above

And give God the glory,

The honor, and power

Which He lavished on us

In our finest hours.

What happened to America?

Might one day be explained,

By our children and grandchildren,

Who observe what remains;

A nation that once

Was envied by all,

Is left with the pieces

From her final fall.

Written by Connie Morgenroth,

March 21, 2010


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